Data Backup + Recovery

With a reliable data backup and recovery system in place, you’ll be able to quickly and easily revert to your latest backup with minimal downtime and disruption to your business.

Cloud Backup

Easily secure you IP across all workloads, virtual, physical, and in the cloud

Office 365 Backup

Continuous productivity, efficiency, and availability with complete backup

What is Backup and Recovery?

Backup and Disaster Recovery should be a part of every business’ cyber security strategy. Why? It’s important to keep copies of your data, both short-term in context and long-term, to make sure that any damage caused by user error, system malfunction or cyber attack is mitigated.

What’s the difference between backup and recovery and what has archiving got to do with it?

Backups are a copy of your data taken at a specific point in time – allowing point in time restore. These backups are usually taken at regular intervals (daily). Recovery is the act of restoring the data in your backup to ensure your business continuity.

It’s important that your backup solution facilitates archiving.

Archiving the data in your backup enables compliance with legal business data retention policies as it preserves historical data information that can be easily searched. You can also, if you need to, recover your data from a specific point in time that goes beyond your last backup. Without archiving you won’t have this historical information, you’ll just have the latest copy of your data. What if you need a copy of how your data was a week ago, not yesterday? Archiving saves the day.

Backup and archiving perform separate functions for different reasons, they’re complementary, and the capabilities of each one helps the other work more effectively. Archiving older or inactive data and removing it from operational storage will improve the operation of backup processes. By reducing the volume of data to be backed up, backups will run quicker, and with less data to manage, it will be easier to restore data when needed.

Recovery pulls it all together by helping you to not only restore your data, but create a strategy surrounding that restoration – which systems are considered mission critical and which need to be restored first?

We’re here to help you implement a full security plan, complete with data backup and recovery.

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